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Up to 5 STARS will be awarded to each entry. Each entry will be judged and given a score based on the following point system:

  • 270-300: 5 STARS

  • 260-269: 4½ STARS

  • 240-259: 4 STARS

  • 230-239: 3½ STARS

  • 210-229: 3 STARS

  • 170-209: 2 STARS


One adjudication award will be given to every Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Line/Production routine. A corresponding pin will also be given to each contestant in Duo/Trios, Groups, and Lines/Productions.





Each Judge will be awarding up to 100 points based on the following criteria:

  • Technique: 40 Points

  • Performance: 30 Points

  • Choreography/Staging: 15 Points

  • Age/Skill Level Appropriateness: 15 Points


Leap! National Dance Competition Judges are combinations of championship caliber competition studio directors, teachers affiliated with major dance studios, and currently performing dance professionals. First and foremost, these Judges are all well trained in multiple genres of dance and are sensitive to the various skill levels represented by the dancers' differing ages. This mixture of age, breadth of dance experience, and extensive background in performing arts contributes to the diverse range of feedback Judges can offer all our competitors.


Leap! is excited to be the first competition in the industry to host a Leaping! COMPETITION at each regional event!


The Leap! competition is open to every registered dancer! It's split into 2 different divisions: ages 11 and under and 12 to 19 (Ages as of January 1st). The cost is just $10.00 at the event (Sign up at the Leap! Registration/Merchandise Booth). Each contestant will be allowed 2 attempts at impressing the Leap! Judges with their best leaps. The winner will receive a $25.00 cash prize as well as a $25 credit for the Leap! Merchandise Booth. In addition, a photo of your award winning Leap! will be posted on the Leap! website, and you'll receive a special prize from our sponsors Dream Duffel and Rosco Flooring. Depending on the schedule for each city, the competition will take place right before the Group Award Ceremonies. We need at least 5 leapers per age division to hold this special event.

So what are you waiting for? Anyone can enter!

Leap! for the Stars RULES

All scores will be emailed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the competition.
Remember to visit in the next 48 hours to view your judges critiques. 
You are able to login by entering the same username and password that you used to register your entries online.

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