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The doors to the venue will open one hour prior to the start of the competition. This will allow participants and spectators access to the lobby, dressing rooms, and the Leap! Registration/ Merchandise Booth. The doors to the auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to the first performance.

The competition may run up to one hour ahead of schedule. Please be prepared for this possibility.

Routines are expected to perform in the order they are scheduled. If for any reason a routine performs outside of its listed order, video playback of that routine cannot be assured. In all cases, routines must be performed during the awards session in which they are scheduled. If the routine cannot perform during the awards session in which it is scheduled for any reason, it can be performed for judges' comments only. It will still receive its respective adjudicated trophy. However, the routine is not eligible for any overall awards unless first cleared by the competition Director. Each Leap! Competition is run in numerical order. However, you may be asked to compete out of sequence in order to avoid a delay. Please be prepared to perform at least 1 hour earlier than you anticipate. Points will be deducted if a routine does not perform in scheduled sequence, unless the Stage Manager grants permission.

Score sheets and critiques may be picked up from the tabulator's table at the conclusion of the awards ceremony that follows your studio's final act in the competition. Studio bags must be checked out from the Leap! Director or Associate Director and will only be given to the Studio Director or authorized representative.

Please enter and exit between performances only.

Food and drink are not allowed in the theatre.

Baby powder or any other forms of powders are strictly prohibited in the entire facility. Failure to comply with this regulation will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Smoking is prohibited inside the building.

All Dancers are required to wear a cover-up while in the theatre or any other public area of the venue.


Applause and cheering are welcomed and encouraged. Please be respectful and supportive of all the dancers.


Teachers and performers are allowed backstage only during their routine or when directed by the Leap! Stage Manager.

Only same gender parents and teachers will be allowed in the dressing rooms.

One studio representative is required to check in with the Leap! Stage Manager at least 5 routines prior to their scheduled performance. Failure to do so may result in the routine being skipped or penalized. Please notify the Leap! Stage Manager at time of check in if the routine has any props.

Please no food or drinks backstage or in the dressing rooms.

All performers must clean up after themselves on stage and in the dressing rooms.



Leap! National Dance Competition does not allow the use of audience video or photo.

Due to the prevalence of people of questionable nature and in order to abide by copyright law we urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents, to help keep our performers photographically safe.

Video recording and photography of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to disqualification or removal from the competition.

Cameras of any kind are not allowed in the dressing rooms. Leap! reserves the right to remove the media being used or those using it from the event. Failure to comply to these rules could result in the disqualification of dancer(s) and/or studio(s). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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