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Leap! will be hosting a Title Competition at each regional event. This category will be incorporated into the standard solo competition. All Participants must be registered in the Leap! Level to compete in Title Competition. If you would like to have your routine judged for the Title division, please indicate in the appropriate space on the entry form. The fee is just an additional $30 per routine. You may enter a maximum of three solos per individual in the Title Competition. Previous years winners are eligible to re-compete for their title even if it is in the same age division. All participants will be judged during their regular solo routine. Each Title winner will receive a Leap! JACKET, and one free solo entry at any regional competition next season.

At least 3 different "Miss" contestants or 2 different "Mister" contestants must be entered into one of the following age divisions in order to hold the "Title" competition. If the required number of entries are not submitted in a Title division, the fees will be refunded.

Title Age Divisions:

  • Petite Miss Leap! Sensation: Ages 8 and under


  • Junior Miss Leap! Sensation: Ages 9 to 11


  • Teen Miss Leap! Sensation: Ages 12 to 14


  • Miss Leap! Sensation: Ages 15 to 19


  • Junior Mister Leap! Sensation: Ages 11 and under  

  • Mister Leap! Sensation: Ages 12 to 19

    Independent dancers are NOT eligible to register for the "TITLE" portion of the Competition. In addition, dancers are considered "Independent" if the studio as a whole is not attending the competition and has offered Leap! as an optional competition for their students. 


Studios must have a least 9 total entries submitted into the competition in order for their solo dancers to be eligible for "Title". If a studio enters at least one group routine, the required "9 entry rule" is waived. 


Routines are expected to perform in the order they are scheduled. If for any reason a routine performs outside of its listed order, video playback of that routine cannot be assured. In all cases, routines must be performed during the awards session in which they are scheduled. If the routine cannot perform during the awards session in which it is scheduled for any reason, it can be performed for judges' comments only. It will still receive its respective adjudicated trophy. However, the routine is not eligible for any overall awards unless first cleared by the competition Director. Each Leap! Competition is run in numerical order. However, you may be asked to compete out of sequence in order to avoid a delay. Please be prepared to perform at least 1 hour earlier than you anticipate. Points will be deducted if a routine does not perform in scheduled sequence, unless the Stage Manager grants permission.

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