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Where Dancers Leap! for the Stars

At Leap! we are excited to announce our 10TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON of a fresh, fun and exciting dance experience in the competition industry! We offer two levels of competition. Our Skip! Level is available for the recreational dancer while our Leap! Level is designed for the dancer with a more competitive background. 

Leap! is the first and only competition in the industry to offer a Leaping Competition. This is a special portion of the competition weekend that gives dancers, who choose to sign up, an opportunity to show off their leaping abilities to our incredible panel of top-notch judges. 

When you attend a Leap! event you will experience an entertaining and professional atmosphere. Leap! is run by a team of caring and knowledgeable staff members that will strive to do everything to make your weekend memorable. With our state of the art lights and sound, audience giveaways, and unique trophies... everyone's a winner at Leap! 



So what are you waiting for? Come and join in the fun! 


Take a Leap! for the stars!

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